A select list of my capabilities / offerings

Logos, Branding, Graphics Packages

Infographic Design

Brochures and Sales Flyers

Banners and Signage Design

Logo or Artwork Digitizing

Book Layout and Cover Design

Digital and Print Advertising Design

Photo Retouching

CMS Website Templates / User Experience (UX)

Videography and Video Editing

Motion Graphics and Animation

Company / Corporate Headshot Photography

Social Media Ads, Email Graphic Design, etc

Presentation Design and PPT Template Design

Web and Document Accessibility Consulting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be sure to check out my resume for a full list of my branding, creative, design, and technical skills.

My typical creative process


Stakeholder Interviews. Understand project goals, target audience, audience attitudes, and audience pain points. Ask questions about competitors.


Write a creative brief. Create a dossier of potential personas. Dig deeper into their process and buying cycles. Understand their pain points.  Create a problem statement to analyze and explore.


There are two main categories of research: discovery and validation. Discovery research aims to focus on identifying needs and opportunities while validation research acts as a way for me to check my understanding and proposed solution.


Ask how might we questions...i.e. how might we help ___ fit into ___. Brainstorm possible solutions.


Show and articulate how the asset will provide value to the audience. Create user story and include requirements. Wireframe, prototype, and visual design mockups depending on project type.


Nothing better than a fresh pair of eyes for perspective on the concepts!


The final loop is an efficient mix of Feedback > Approval > Sampling > Production > Proofreading > Delivery

How can I help?

Contact me today for a consultation and estimate on your next graphic design, branding, web design, photography, video, or motion graphics project.