Global Multilingual Corporate Website

Website redesign project for software start-up (B2B).  This consolidation of global country-based websites into a single multi-lingual website meant a lot of research, strategy and design exploration.

Here are a few previews:

As a Danish-based company I found inspiration in some famous Danish designs which uses a lot of large, bold type and a lot of whitespace and large background images.  The site also communicates product information and key benefits more readily than their previous site and highlights customer testimonials that I produced in tandem with this project.

I wrote a full scope of work with very detailed technical requirements, and one of the primary technical goals was web accessibility. But I didn’t want to hold back on creative approaches to user experience, and some innovative solutions were found to still you some of the slick new navigation features and still make it compliant with accessibility standards.

I led the project management of development and as soon as we met a good first working development milestone, user testing was done with an experienced braille/vision-imparied user to find areas that could be improved.  We took those suggestions and made the improvements, content was added in several languages, and the site was launched.