Roger Fuhrman

VP of Sales

 Besides being super fun to work with, Dustin is an intelligent person who is able to present creative products and communicate effectively. He successfully created superb work for our company. During his tenure, we saw the business and marketing quality grow significantly. Dustin has a unique ability to create fantastic designs and video in a timely manner for a very diverse clientele. Though he was a huge asset to the design team, Dustin was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing effective marketing pieces, tracking production goals and SLAs, Dustin also assumed a leadership role in training, inspiring and motivating other employees.

Star Bazella

VP of Marketing

Dustin provides excellent, consistent design and production work for web, video and print media. Beyond his creative abilities, Dustin has shown an attention to overall marketing messaging of creative projects, and has a keen eye for detail. Dustin has been a reliable, diligent asset to the team, paying special attention to deadlines, budget constraints and going the extra mile when necessary to ensure they are met.

Vivek Bhogaraju

Director, Strategic Alliances

Dustin is laser-focused on developing high-quality content and on meeting timelines for projects – no matter how unreasonable they may be. He not only contributes to formalizing the look and feel of content and make them market-ready but also goes beyond the visual & design elements to really crystallize how we are conveying our message and if there is a better way to do it.

Kari Koob

Marketing Manager

 Dustin is an extremely talented Graphic, Web and Multimedia designer and I feel lucky to have had the privilege to work with him. He has impeccable work ethic, is creative and has an amazing eye for detail. His skills, communication and problem solving abilities make him a very valuable asset, I highly recommend Dustin.

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