Brand activation campaign

Project Info

  • Company VIAVI
  • Industry Telecom Technology
  • Year 2020
  • Role Character design and storytelling projects

Project Description

Challenge: How does a brand in a high tech field connect with it's high tech end users?

Solution: I designed a character that represents our end users as a superhero. This helped produce fun storytelling pieces that helped customers understand how the products make a difference.  Additionally, fun gifts were given to customers who participated in games that they could share with their families during the holidays. This is a cool idea because people in high tech companies/jobs have a hard time explaining what they do even to their own kids, but these assets helped them do that and it made a lasting brand impression on them in the process.

Ads helped tell the stories about how the company's products helped. Colorful characters and designs were a bit of a change from the usual stock images of data centers and contractor vans.
Characters were illustrated with multiple poses
Customers posted images of the stuffed toys they received as gifts to their social channels, which gave us a very unique look into workspaces that are usually pretty hidden. The posts were very popular and shared around with their peers.