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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 John Marson 06/12/1811  Jane Fisher 1812

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Sarah Halford 07/07/1842  Polly Marson
 Mary Jane Marson
 Fanny Maria Marson
 H C Halford Marson
 David Henry Marson
 Edward Samuel Marson
 George William Marson
 Liley Rachel Marson
 Algernon Laurence Marson
 Leone Marson
 Jessie Marson
 Samuel Marson


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 01/11/1841 Quorndon England
Birth 01/11/1841 Derby England
Census 1851 Quorndon England
Census 1861 Quorndon England
Census 1871 Quorndon England
Immigration 06/03/1889 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Steamship British King Passenger List, Port of Philadelphia, Destination the Dakotas
Death 04/27/1933
Death 04/27/1933




Charles C. Marson was born at Derby, England, January 11, 1841. Sarah Halford was born at Walton-on the Wolds, Leicestershire, England, July 7, 1842. They were married April 10, 1864. Ten children were born to this union. Nine were born in England and one in America. Two died in infancy.

They lived in a town in England named Quorn in a thatched house on Meeting Street. Charles was a carrier by occupation, and they owned a few houses which they sold and decided to go to America. What made them leave? Possibly the construction of the Great Central Railway, which would have had a profound impact on a carrier's business. They came across the Atlantic Ocean in two weeks in a sailboat called BRITISH KING. They left England May 22, 1889, and arrived in Philadelphia June 5, 1889, and at Cooperstown, North Dakota June 13, 1889.

They lived for one year four miles north of Cooperstown on the northeast quarter of Section 1. While living there, the tenth child was born. But they found out they could not buy that piece of land, so they decided to move south of town where they bought the east 1/2 of Section 12, Ball Hill Township, from a man whose name was Montgomery.

They had some hard years in America at that time because of adverse weather such as drought and hail storms. One year their crops blew out because of high winds and dry weather. They lost some from prairie fire. The winter of 1896 was severe with lots of snow and blizzards.

In 1904 they built a big three-story brick house. Most homes in England were built with brick so this was the preferred way for them. It was one of few homes built with brick in Griggs County at the time, and it was built large enough for their 10 children.

Charles C. Marson passed away April 27, 1933. Sarah Marson passed away October 19, 1919. They are buried on the far north side of the Cooperstown cemetary.

Looking back at their lives in England, Charles and Sarah can be found on the 1881 Quorn, England Census. When you look under Marson you'll find the family listed as living on "Meeting Street." Click Here for an old picture of Meeting Street in Quorn, England probably taken some time later than 1881. The census list's my Great Great Grandfather Charles as being a Carrier by occupation, and my 6 year old great grandfather George as being a scholar. John and Jane Marson, my great great great grandparents, are on the 1851 census.

Sarah’s mother and father, William and Maria Halford, or my great great great grandparents, lived nearby back in Meeting Street, Quorn, England. They were too set in their ways to emigrate in 1889, with Charles and Sarah, and by the time William was well into his 70’s, they had clearly fallen on hard times and were dependant on assistance from the community, (as were over 40% of retired traders and working classes across Britain in those days).

In the 1901 Census, William & Maria Halford have two boys living with them in Quorn, Henry J. Thompson (age 11) and Albert Thompson (age 7). These are possibly the sons of Fannie Thompson (daughter of Charles and Sarah Marson), which would suggest that they didn't emigrate at the same time as the rest of the Marsons and may have left their sons in England until they were older.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Sarah HalfordWife07/07/1842Waltham On The Wolds, Leicestershire, England10/19/1919
Brothers & Sisters
John MarsonBrother1848Derby, Derbyshire, England
Thomas MarsonBrother1848Derby, Derbyshire, England
Jane MarsonSister1843Derby, Derbyshire, England
Edward MarsonBrother1838Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
William MarsonBrother1836Quorndon, Leicestershire, England1902Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Samuel MarsonSonJan 1890North Dakota, USA
Jessie MarsonDaughterAbt 1888England
Leone MarsonDaughter1882England
Algernon Laurence MarsonSon08/09/1879Quorndon, Leicestershire, England12/13/1950Los Angeles, California, USA
Liley Rachel MarsonDaughter1877Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
George William MarsonSon10/09/1874Quorndon, Leicestershire, England11/21/1934
Edward Samuel MarsonSon1873Quorndon, Leicestershire, England1882Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England
David Henry MarsonSon09/12/1871Quorndon, Leicestershire, England04/19/1967Los Angeles, California, USA
H C Halford MarsonSon1869Quorndon, Leicestershire, England1882Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England
Fanny Maria MarsonDaughter1866Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Mary Jane MarsonDaughter
Polly MarsonDaughter
Jane FisherMother1812Langley, Nottinghamshire, England1898Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England
John MarsonFather06/12/1811Quorndon, Leicestershire, England1894Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Archie William MarsonGrandson01/24/1911New England, North Dakota, USA05/09/1991Cooperstown, North Dakota, USA
Lillie MarsonGranddaughter06/15/1909North Dakota, USA04/24/2005
Reynold MarsonGrandson10/17/1906Cooperstown, North Dakota, USA05/27/1983McClusky, North Dakota, USA
Deland MarsonGrandson10/04/1903Cooperstown, North Dakota, USA07/15/1971Cooperstown, North Dakota, USA
Albert ThompsonGrandson1894Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Constance ThomsonGranddaughterAbt 1892Nottinghamshire, England
Henry J. ThompsonGrandson1890Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Jessie R SpencerGranddaughterFeb 1887EnglandNorth Dakota, USA
George Edward MarsonGreat-Grandson
Doris MarsonGreat-Granddaughter07/17/195005/25/1952Cooperstown, North Dakota, USA
Robert George MarsonGreat-Grandson05/22/194010/01/1945Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA
Beverly MarsonGreat-Granddaughter
David MarsonGreat-Grandson
Virginia MarsonGreat-Granddaughter
Second Grandchildren
Dustin Andrew MarsonSecond Grandson
Jeremy Joseph MarsonSecond Grandson
Wendy Renee MarsonSecond Granddaughter
Jennifer Marie MarsonSecond Granddaughter
Third Grandchildren
Maxwell Charles MarsonThird Grandson
Chase Allen TherkelsenThird Grandson
William MarsonGrandfather1786Long Clawson, Meltn Mowbray, Leicestershire, England1863Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Mary GilesGrandmother1783Wymeswold, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England1874Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England
Maria HalfordMother-in-law1824
William HalfordFather-in-law1822Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Inga Christine RorvigDaughter-in-law06/26/1874Gulbransdalem, Norway12/16/1965Cooperstown, North Dakota, USA
William ThomsonSon-in-law1868Nottinghamshire, England
Harry SpencerSon-in-law
Henry William SpencerSon-in-lawBef 1920
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Elizabeth BarrsSister-in-law1859Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
Mary Jane BaileySister-in-law1853Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Mary Ann AdamsSister-in-law1841Leicester, Leicestershire, England1898Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Ann Elizabeth WilsonSister-in-law
Nephews & Nieces
Fanny MarsonNiece1882Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
Florence MarsonNiece1880Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
Helena MarsonNiece1880Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Tom MarsonNephew1879Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
Lizzie MarsonNiece1878Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
William MarsonNephew1876Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
Alice MarsonNiece1875Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Annie MarsonNiece1875Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
John William MarsonNephew1875Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
Ellen MarsonNiece1872Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England
Walter MarsonNephew1872Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Clara MarsonNiece1867Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Emily MarsonNiece1865Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Arthur MarsonNephew1864Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Rosetta MarsonNiece1862Leicester, Leicestershire, England1946Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Florence Lucy CousinsGrandniece1887Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Harry Lawrence CousinsGrandnephew1887Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Uncles & Aunts
Mary MarsonAunt1835Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Ann MarsonAunt01/07/1817Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Thomas MarsonUncle04/24/18151881
Jane MarsonAunt08/20/1811
Charles MarsonUncle07/03/1809Quorndon, Leicestershire, England1887Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Elizabeth PeggAunt-in-law06/04/1815Melbourne, Derbyshire, England1873Shardlow, Derbyshire, England
Martha ParkinsonAunt-in-law05/20/1811Quorndon, Leicestershire, England09/23/1833Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
James GrahamUncle-in-lawAbt 1808Eastwick, Hertfordshire, England1870Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Sarah GambleAunt-in-law10/28/1803Quorndon, Leicestershire, England1894Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Jane Ann MarsonFirst Cousin (f)1860Shardlow, Derbyshire, England
William Henry GrahamFirst Cousin (m)1860Leicestershire, England
William MarsonFirst Cousin (m)1854Shardlow, Derbyshire, England1865Shardlow, Derbyshire, England
Lucy Jane GrahamFirst Cousin (f)1852Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England
Mary Ann MarsonFirst Cousin (f)1851Shardlow, Derbyshire, England
Leah GrahamFirst Cousin (f)Abt 1850Leicestershire, England
George MarsonFirst Cousin (m)1847Shardlow, Derbyshire, England
James GrahamFirst Cousin (m)Abt 1847Floore, Northampton, England
Charles MarsonFirst Cousin (m)1845Shardlow, Derbyshire, England
Harriet GrahamFirst Cousin (f)Abt 1844Floore, Northampton, England
Edwin MarsonFirst Cousin (m)1842Shardlow, Derbyshire, England1903Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Charles MarsonFirst Cousin (m)09/13/1841
Ellen GrahamFirst Cousin (f)1841Leicestershire, England1855Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Alice GrahamFirst Cousin (f)1840Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
George MarsonFirst Cousin (m)1840Shardlow, Derbyshire, England1845
Ann GrahamFirst Cousin (f)1837Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Mary GrahamFirst Cousin (f)Abt 1835Quorndon, Leicestershire, England
Thomas MarsonFirst Cousin (m)09/23/1833Quorndon, Leicestershire, England03/07/1921Carlisle, Lonoke, Arkansas, USA
1st Cousins Once Removed
Walter Thomas Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)01/15/1880Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tom G Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)Abt 1880Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Oliver Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)1879Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Fred Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)Abt 1878Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
George Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)1875Carrington, Nottinghamshire, England
Kate Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (f)1874Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
William Graham1st Cousin Once Removed (m)Abt 1874Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Welbourn B Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)Abt 1873Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Elizabeth Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (f)1871Carrington, Nottinghamshire, England
Jessica Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (f)09/13/1870Illinois, USA1963Canyon, Idaho, USA
Annie Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (f)1869Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Alice Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (f)1868Carrington, Nottinghamshire, England
Harry G Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)Abt 1867Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Kate Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (f)Abt 1866Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
John Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)1865Melbourne, Derbyshire, England02/26/1927Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Charles J Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)Abt 1864Coalville, Leicestershire, England
Eleanor Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (f)12/15/1863Illinois, USA05/18/1953
Charles William Marson1st Cousin Once Removed (m)11/29/1862Illinois, USA10/25/1937Chicago, Illinois, USA
1st Cousins Twice Removed
Kate Moss1st Cousin Twice Removed (f)11/23/1902Wyoming, USA02/26/1995
Bonita Moss1st Cousin Twice Removed (f)Abt 1901Iowa, USA
Child Moss1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)Aft 1900Bef 1910
George Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)1900Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
John Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)1897Nottinghamshire, England
Lois G. Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (f)02/06/1896Arkansas, USA
Kate Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (f)1895Nottinghamshire, England
Alan Nathaniel Moss1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)10/04/1893Lonoke, Arkansas, USASep 1976Mason, Washington, USA
Laurence Thomas Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)05/09/1893Chicago, Illinois, USA05/30/1979Chicago, Illinois, USA
Archie Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)1892Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Gladys Margaret Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (f)05/19/1891Arkansas, USAMay 1975Illinois, USA
Charles Alexander Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)06/16/1890Nottinghamshire, England07/10/1969Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Charles William Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)Abt 1889Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Alma Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (f)1888Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Ernest Marson1st Cousin Twice Removed (m)Abt 1885Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
1st Cousins 3 Times Removed
Joan Marjorie Marson1st Cousin 3 Times Removed (f)02/25/1928Blue Island, Illinois, USA11/13/1994Los Angeles, California, USA
Edward Thomas Moss1st Cousin 3 Times Removed (m)Abt 1921Idaho, USA07/24/1950
Beverly Lorraine Marson1st Cousin 3 Times Removed (f)12/03/1920Illinois, USA11/12/2007Carroll, Indiana, USA
Hilda Marson1st Cousin 3 Times Removed (f)03/27/1915Sneinton, Nottinghamshire, England05/06/1990Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Grandchildren In-Law
Cecelia T HeisterGranddaughter In-Law07/20/1905McClusky, North Dakota, USA03/05/1996McClusky, North Dakota, USA
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