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Top 10 Band Logo Designs of All Time

Remember when bands used logos? It’s not as common anymore, but there are still a few that do…

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Web design trends in 2023 that will totally take your digital brand to the next level!

In 2023, web designers are taking hover animations to the next level, turning regular page elements into mind-blowing…

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A peek inside the brain of a creative person

One time I was asked in a creative context, “if you were holding an event and could play…

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I made a video reel

I’m not even sure what my first video project was. I started fiddling with motion as soon as…

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Motion Graphics and After Effects Projects

I’m coming off a couple weekends of winter outdoor activities camping with the kids in Scouts here in…

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20 Years in Minnesota

I moved to Minnesota in September of 2001 to start art school in Minneapolis. The picture above was…

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How important is hand held tech in web design currently?

Web pages as we know them today may not exist in 20 years. The future could bring very…

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No more commuting, no more office politics, just you and your pajamas, getting stuff done.

When I first started telecommuting, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to complete my…

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