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Hi, I’m Dustin! I’ve been a professional multimedia graphic designer and creative director for around 20 years while living and working in the Minneapolis-St Paul, MN metro area. I’ve worked in-house on marketing teams and have also freelanced for a variety of B2C and B2B organizations.

In addition to my formal education and years of experience in graphic design, I’ve always been really curious about all things multimedia and have built a solid skill set in many areas. I have experience with branding, print and social media advertising, website front-end design, setting up websites with a CMS, User Experience (UX) and web accessibility, video editing and motion graphics animation, product photography, head shot photography, and more. Most of all, I have a record of producing really thoughtful work that tells stories and stands out due to my years of experience with high level creative processes, researching and building domain expertise, as well as great project management processes.

I hope you enjoy checking out my full list of capabilities and portfolio examples across my website.  I look forward to connecting with you to learn about your organization and creative projects.

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Some Fun Facts

The first version of Adobe Photoshop I used...
Photoshop 3.0 (1994)
Years I've been a professional designer...
Since 2002
The smallest company I've worked for had...
The largest company I've worked for had...

Brands I've Worked On

Areas of Expertise

Graphic Design

I earned my Bachelor's in Graphic Design in 2004. Over the past 20 years I've worked in many in-house roles from print production, to corporate graphic designer, to senior graphic designer and creative director at large organizations where research, domain expertise, project management, creative process, and customer service have been critical.

Creative Direction

10+ years of experience leading creative teams where I’ve coached designers, video editors, and writers to do their best work and to use an effective creative process.

Web Design

I’ve designed websites and interfaces with the latest features and user experience (UX) practices in mind. I’m handy with HTML, CSS, and script implementation. I'm experience configuring and theme design in WordPress and ExpressionEngine.  I also have expertise in SEO and Web Accessibility standards.

Video & Motion Graphics

I have over a decade of experience producing product explainer videos with Adobe After Effects and Premiere. I’ve also gotten handy with cameras, lighting, and audio over the years…I’ve shot case study videos, interviews, event videos, and more.

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