About Me

Creative Director and Senior Graphic Designer

I graduated art school in '04 and started out as a traditional graphic designer. My infinite curiosity and full-tilt work ethic led to a very versatile skillset in multimedia and a strong background in design. I've worked on some extremely talented in-house marketing teams, and have been a leader on some high level creative teams at various types and sizes of companies. Over the past 20 years I've:

  • Acted a player-coach type of leader on in-house creative teams, creating a culture where alignment, discovery, experimentation, and process optimization are naturally prioritized
  • Developed thorough and effective corporate brand guideline documents that have helped build brand equity through consistent unifying elements yet flexible enough for a lot of variety in campaigns and storytelling
  • Created thoughtful, high level designs that help a campaign or company tell a clear story in a visually impactful way
  • Built state-of-the-art websites under the latest design trends and functionalities for small to medium sized organizations
  • Moved the needle on corporate website and landing page performance by practicing the latest in SEO and pay per click advertising
  • Produced eye catching motion graphics for promotional videos and brought better engagement to presentations

Personal Information

  • Name Dustin Marson
  • Location Minneapolis-St Paul, MN Metro Area
  • Email dustin@dustinmarson.com
  • Phone +1 612 839 6043


Creative Director & Brand Strategist

10+ years of experience leading creative teams where I've coached designers, video editors, and writers to do their best work and to use an effective creative process.  I've also produced many projects effectively with design, marketing, and video production companies.

Senior Graphic Designer

I execute designs at a high level due to my creative process, history of building domain experience through research strategies, and also due to my aptitude for disseminating extensive content and challenging concepts into a thoughtful, user-friendly solution.

Web & Interactive Designer

I've designed website and application interfaces with the latest features and user experience (UX) best practices in mind. I've also built a strong working knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Video and Motion Graphics Specialist

10+ years of experience producing product explainer videos, I've shot case study videos with graphics, and other promotional videos for demos, presentations, and social media advertising.

Brands I've Worked On

Creative Process

  • Empathize: Research / Stakeholder Interviews. Understand project goals, target audience, audience attitudes, and audience pain points. Ask questions about competitors.
  • Define: Create a dossier of potential personas. Dig deeper into their process and buying cycles. Understand their pain points.
  • Research:
  • Ideate: Ask how might we questions (how might we help ___ fit into . Brainstorm possible solutions.
  • Prototype and Test: Show and articulate how the asset will provide value to the audience. Create user story and include requirements. Wireframe, prototype, and visual design mockups depending on project type.
  • The final loop is an efficient mix of Feedback > Approval > Sampling > Production > Proofreading > Delivery

What My Colleagues Say