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Why can’t you just use that image from Google image search?

Sometimes in the professional world, people in the smartest and even most high-level professions will have not encountered…

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New Business Card Design

I wonder if business cards will ever completely go away? Everywhere I’ve worked, they’ve been a big topic and…

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So You’re Launching a Freelance Career?

Early on and years ago, there was a point when I thought all I needed was a website,…

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Infographic Resume Design

Stand out in the pile. Demonstrate your personality, experience, professionalism, goals, and special aptitudes in ways Microsoft Word just…

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Some SEO Basics for 2011

What factors rank a website in the Google search results? How does a small business compete with large…

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10 Years in Minnesota

10 years ago I was still doing some graphics work for a manufacturing company up in my hometown…

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Adobe Creative Suite Introducing Subscription Pricing Options

What does everyone in the design business think of the new subscription pricing Adobe is offering? Under this…

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