Creative Ideas

A peek inside the brain of a creative person

One time I was asked in a creative context, “if you were holding an event and could play one song, what song would it be?” On the surface, this might seem like a trivial question, but upon giving it some thought it really helps shed light on how a creative person’s brain works and it’s…

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New Business Card Design

I wonder if business cards will ever completely go away? Everywhere I’ve worked, they’ve been a big topic and something certain functions within an organization can be very particular and passionate about.  I guess once you’ve arrived in your career, your business card is a big part of your professional identity. My first one was home made,…

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Infographic Resume Design

Stand out in the pile. Demonstrate your personality, experience, professionalism, goals, and special aptitudes in ways Microsoft Word just can’t! Infographic resumes are a fun way for creative people to stand out and get important points across.  Use important statistics like how many rebrands you’ve done, what percentage of website traffic you’ve increased, and other important…

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