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Top 10 Band Logo Designs of All Time

Remember when bands used logos? It’s not as common anymore, but there are still a few that do it. However, I’m specifically talking about logos with cool illustrations. Today, I want to take a look back at the 10 most memorable logos that were consistently used by mainstream bands. And hey, let’s give credit where…

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20 Years in Minnesota

I moved to Minnesota in September of 2001 to start art school in Minneapolis. The picture above was taken at that time as I rolled in, it might be hard to tell by the cars because those Honda Accords are still around and seem to last forever, but hopefully the Pontiac makes the case. It…

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Adobe Creative Suite Introducing Subscription Pricing Options

What does everyone in the design business think of the new subscription pricing Adobe is offering? Under this new subscription pricing, designers could pay a monthly or annual fee for a copy of Creative Suite Design Premium, for example. On the downside, I think this gives me less control over the software I’m paying my…

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