10 Years in Minnesota

10 years ago I was still doing some graphics work for a manufacturing company up in my hometown in North Dakota. I had my high school diploma and the reputation of being “good with computers” and “artistic” in the small town of 1200 people. I was college bound the end of the month.

A funny memory from that summer gig was when one of the older employees started calling for me frantically. Their computer screen had gone blank! I touched the mouse and magically, it was fixed. Their screen saver had turned on…

I came to Minnesota the end of September for the graphic design program at The Art Institutes. I was definitely a fish out of water in the city, but I got up to speed and have always felt at home here. The faster pace suits me well.

I launched this website a year later, in October 2002, so dustinmarson.com is seeing a big milestone next year as well. That launch was the start of my freelance work, so I’m about to make the 10 year club as a freelance designer in the industry.

10 years ago was an exciting time for me, and it has been a successful and highly educational decade. Here’s hoping the next one goes even better.

Photo by Stephen Fischer from Pexels

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