I made a video reel

I’m not even sure what my first video project was. I started fiddling with motion as soon as I got my hands on a computer. When I was a kid I loved the graphics packages on the news and in sports. The 1996 Olympics were a big inspiration for me, the cool graphics and logos for the Atlanta games paired with all the epic music.

Finally I realized recently that I have done a ton of motion and video work over the years. So it was definitely time to jump on the practice most video editors use to take some clips from their projects and compile a video reel.

I’ve used After Effects in some pretty cool ways. From using the 3D camera to bring 2D objects to life to making text more engaging with the text animators. Additionally, I’ve gotten really handy with cameras, lighting, and audio equipment as I’ve worked on a lot of on-location interviews, event videography, product videos, and more. You’ll see a lot of 2D animation and effects to bring my 2D illustration work to life as well.

Please check it out and let me know if you have any feedback or project ideas, I’d love to take on more video work and build on your company’s message with this really engaging format.

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