New Business Card Design

I wonder if business cards will ever completely go away? Everywhere I’ve worked, they’ve been a big topic and something certain functions within an organization can be very particular and passionate about.  I guess once you’ve arrived in your career, your business card is a big part of your professional identity. My first one was home made, printed off an inkjet printer with one of those Avery templates in order to help launch some kind of freelance career. But I’ll admit, when I got my first one issued by a large company, it was kind of a warm and fuzzy feeling. What a small and inexpensive morale booster for your team!

But they are certainly used less-and-less. Nowadays, you can network with your Twitter handle or scan a code on your phone screen to pass contact info along. But I still always enjoy receiving that physical paper card and admiring the design and printing process that went into it.  Or in some cases, embossing, engraving, or letterpress processes which can be very cool.

So here I am designing my own cards again. But I won’t print them on the home inkjet printer, I’ll order from one of those online solutions, most likely.  See below for my latest cards.

Let me know if I can help design your business cards and also consult on some great printing options!

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