Adobe Creative Suite Introducing Subscription Pricing Options

What does everyone in the design business think of the new subscription pricing Adobe is offering? Under this new subscription pricing, designers could pay a monthly or annual fee for a copy of Creative Suite Design Premium, for example.

On the downside, I think this gives me less control over the software I’m paying my hard-earned dollars for. With this, I’m still paying several hundred dollars a year for software that I don’t really own. There would be no more disc sitting in a drawer somewhere that I can take out and reinstall on a computer whenever I please, a couple years after I paid for it. Once I stop paying, I can’t use it anymore, even though I invested several hundred dollars. That’s a tough thing to let go of.

On the upside, this is great for those folks who upgrade every version. But I usually skip every other version. I mean come on, CS5.5 seems obnoxiously soon to me. Subscription pricing would have made that much easier and much less frustrating to have to fork over money again so soon. I think the best case for this new subscription pricing is design shops who hire contractors and just want to pay for software for a few months.

Overall, I think it’s probably a good direction for software pricing to be headed, but I’m still all about owning my software & media – so it’s probably not something i’ll be adopting in my future software purchasing just yet. Well, hopefully I’ll still have a choice in a couple years because I’m sure Adobe likes having this control.

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

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